To give your lawn that professional finish, we offer a range of extra services which ensures your lawn stands out.

Turf Laying

If you don’t want to do the preparation and laying of the turf yourself we can give you a free quote to do the job professionally ourselves. All our preparation and turf laying is done to the highest possible standard to ensure satisfaction is ‘guaranteed’. We believe no one will do the job better than us! Using all of our own materials and machinery, we can provide a very competitive quote for a first class job.


Once you have ordered, we strive to get your turf or top soil to you as close as possible to the time that you want it. We don’t want to keep you tied up all day for a delivery that may only take 10 minutes!


You can also collect your turf from our main yard. Let us know how much turf you need, and we will have it on the yard, ready for collection. We also have a forklift to help with larger orders if needed.

Grass Cutting Service

We offer a professional grass cutting service throughout North Wales and Chester. Whether you are looking for a one-off grass cutting service or organising a regular grass cutting service then please get in touch with us. Click the button below to contact us regarding our grass cutting services.

Winter Turf Laying Service

We offer a turf laying service over the winter months for holiday parks and other seasonal businesses. It's a great way to get a head start on next year, ensuring you have the highest grade and quality turf.


Hollow-Tine Aeration

This is the most effective way of re-livening a lawn of thatch by taking out hundreds of cores from the lawn. This is known as ‘thinning the thatch’ and relives compaction. The cores are left on the lawn as they are bio-degradable. Hollow tine aeration can be done most times of the year and is recommended once a year. Very heavily used gardens may require two aerations a year. Moss is probably the biggest problem in lawns due to compaction. If you have moss, aeration is the best way of tackling it to help stimulate growth of grass.


Over the course of a year or more, grass cuttings, leaves and organic matter all increase the amount of thatch which forms at the root of the grass stem. As it gets thicker, it prevents nutrients reaching the root. This becomes a perfect breeding ground for moss. Scarification is the mechanical process of removing the thatch with a powered rake to bring the thatch to the surface of the lawn, helping you achieve a healthier lawn.


We offer a mini granular slow release fertilizer that feeds the turf for rapid root growth and fast lawn establishment, for use all year round. We also offer a mowing programme during the growing season to look after your lawn.